Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Review of 'Times of the Supermen' by Tope Apoola(part 1)

'I speak of the times of the supermen, for in here shall we find the courage to proceed'.
Those were the opening words of this new science thriller written by Tope Apoola who himself is a new comer to the writing scene.

The book is spectacular not only in the subject it has explored in its 435 pages and the manner of its writing, but also because it raises several questions which though have plagued many minds for long are seldom publicly raised.

The book is divided into three books, with each story existing independently and also serving as parts of the bigger story. The plot revolves around a discovery by wise men, of some strange formations on the face of Mars which they attributed to deliberate intelligence. This is based on the premise that these formations were so extensive and precise that they couldn’t have been made naturally. Some intelligent beings created them while they were on Mars, eons ago. The controversy surrounding this mysterious discovery deepened when another discovery was made of similar formations on a huge rock in England, dated to prehistoric times. Some signs were also discovered secretly at the site that were found out to be genetic codes of some proteins that will make humans attain immortality and acquire uncommon superhuman abilities which might be accompanied also with uncommon instincts. Should these strange signs correlate, then it will mean that these proposed super beings, who were lords of the ancient times, once lived on Mars and actually visited the Earth, a long time ago, when hominids were non-existent.

Book one opens at the tail end of the saga as the narrator introduces us to the subject of the matter. It was the year 2287 in a future technologically advanced Nigeria, and a series of unprecedented events have reached a climax in which the futuristic world leaders had declared war and the nation prepared for battle against the faceless enemies that seek to perpetuate a new world order. The narrator takes us back into the past, to the year 2003 when the story was just unfolding.
How shall I in the middle of this chaos when the world’s sanity and conscience and good judgement is withered......
Mine is a story of many ages, a tale as seen by one man, ending with just one assertion, that there are answer; answers to why we are here.......
At the end of it all we shall learn that there is some truth in many orthodox propositions. Our hearts shall be gladdened, for goodness is supreme among the forces that be.

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