Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sefi Attah's "Everything good will come"

Seffi Attah

I finished reading Seffi Atta's "Everything good will come" last week. It's a poignantly illustrative tale of the Nigerian middle class; the ones in Lagos. Good story, beautifully written and simple in style. i also like the innocent perspective and the intense optimism towards feminism which I find amusing. Kudos to Attah for making making a simple biography seem like an epic tale. I must confess i enjoyed it. No wonder it won the Wole Soyinka prize for prose. This is one of those things that make me wonder why more Nigerians are doing well in creative writing abroad while many are struggling to get published in the country. Seffi Attah lives in the United states with her husband. The book was published by Farafina books, who also publish Chimamanda Adichie in Nigeria.

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