Thursday, September 6, 2012

What Happens

What Happens? Times without number I wonder what it's like thereafter Many times I ponder in my mind The deep mysteries of life Ever thought of what it's like To be gone out of this life? Ever had the feeling of dying? And it seems you are flying Because you are leaving this realm To sojourn among the dead Sometimes I get curious About what will happen after the horror? Of plunging into the abyss of total darkness When your sojourn in this world ends And the dark clouds of death descends To grip you in their vicious tentacles What happens? Will everything end as it starts? Or will life be gone in a flash? Care to know what follows? After death has dealt his final blow If you've ever had the experience Of that special moment When you transcend And get out of this natural form Then tell me what lies beyond.

1 comment:

  1. Death is certain;life is not.
    After death, i believe there is judgement


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