Monday, June 25, 2012

Ada's Dreams

Throughout her time in New York, Ada never forgot the guy that had kissed her at the party. She could still remember his well sculptured face and his haunting eyes; piercing eyes that seemed to have their own touch. How could she forget such a person? How could she forget such a kiss? It didn’t seem real; it was like something that happens when someone is under a spell. The more she tried to erase him from her memory, the more she kept remembering him. Yet, she wondered what is so special about someone she happened to meet on board a plane and became acquainted with. Well, what was special was that she had allowed him kiss her on a first date. Just a brief encounter and the effect still lingered on like the after smell of a strong fragrance. But when she remembered how it felt when he gazed upon her, his delicious lips exploring her expectant mouth, she knew why. Maybe she was just being over reactive; a product of some hormones that might have been dormant for a long time, but now were suddenly being excessively secreted. Yes! It has to be chemical. She had not been intimate with any man for a long time since her break up with Bayo. Maybe it was natural to be reacting to an association with the opposite sex the way she was doing now, considering that she had been out of touch for a long time. Though she knew this was not a viable explanation for what was happening to her, it served as a kind of assurance that she was still normal and nothing strange was happening. Perhaps he had seduced her. The food was nice, she could remember, but the wine had tasted even better. The wine had made her drunk but it was his eyes that had made her weak and susceptible to his charms. They had eaten in silence. She was afraid she would say the wrong thing. After the meal, he had stood up and eyed her with a mischievous grin. Shall we dance?” He requested She had offered a weak resistance initially but he had persuaded her. He had led her to the dance floor while she followed like a sheep. They had danced slowly, close to each other, feeling the rhythm of each other’s heart. She had inhaled the fragrance from his body; sweet like the scent of roses. She had felt comfortable having him close, so close she could feel his breathe. Then he had shattered the blissful silence with the prodding statement; “Ada, tell me about your life.” There and then, she had trusted him and thrown caution to the winds. She had told him everything about herself; her family, her education, her past relationships, her heartbreaks and sweet moments. He had held her close with her head lying close to his chest and spoken soothing words into her ears. With deep, sad eyes, he had beckoned on her to bare all, to allow him share in her sorrow and help sooth her pain. She had trusted him more, deciding to tell him all. She had told him about the lowest point in her life, the most painful heartbreak, the love that had almost killed her and what had brought her to New York. She told him about the biggest secret of her life, she told him about Bayo. He had listened all through without saying a word, yet his eyes had spoken louder. His hands had rocked her like a baby and consoled her. The memory of sorrow had brought back pain so intense she had shuddered. She had clung unto him as if he was a lifeline. She had held unto her as if he was there to save her. Then he had kissed her.


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