Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ada's dreams Part 2

The kiss had been brief at first. He lightly brushed his lips with hers. Then chemistry had set in. He had kissed her again as she felt herself melting into his arms. She had responded with equal fervour. She had tasted his lips, then his tongue, and it had all tasted sweet. She had felt her lines of defence crumbling. Somewhere at the bottom of her mind, something reminded her that she shouldn’t be doing this. But reason couldn’t prevail at that moment, not for her and not for him either. As they kissed, he had put a hand behind her to support her. They soon broke contact again as they sought to take breathe. Then the moment of reason had set in for her. As he brought his mouth close for a third kiss, she had mustered the last defence in her body and resisted. She had held her finger to his lips and shook her head to stop him. “Please stop, we shouldn’t be doing this.” she said desperately. The ride back home had been silent. She had scolded and chided herself for allowing it to happen. She had promised herself she would forget about him. She had not known how wrong she was until now. She looked at herself in the mirror and realized she couldn’t fulfil the promise. She had to see him one more time. She picked her wallet and brought out his complimentary card. She was going to surprise him this time. As she approached his house, she saw his favourite blue Porsche. But she also noticed a shiny, black Cadillac, parked close to his car. Perhaps he had a visitor. She walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. The door was opened and the sight that met her nearly shattered her heart. She found herself looking into the face of young woman around her age, wrapped in a towel. She was fair, pretty and sexy in a sophisticated way but she had on a cold, arrogant smile that made her affluent background obvious. She looked like someone that was used to getting what she wanted. “Hello, who are you?” the lady asked her For a while, Ada just stared at her, at the towel wrapped around her body and the arrogant look in her eyes. Imaginations started flashing across her mind. She finally managed to mutter out something. “I–I-am Ada. Pl–ease can I see Tunde” The lady smiled again and eyed her like one would eye a pestering insect. But she seemed to be enjoying her discomfort. “Tunde is in the bathroom. I am Debbie, his girlfriend, I just moved in yesterday. You can come in” Ada felt a tightening growing in her chest and the urge to cry grew in her. This was stark reality smacking her hard on the face. “No– there’s no need. Just tell him I checked.” She took one last look at the lady and fled the house with tears welling in her eyes. She had come to tell him how she felt about him, hoping that he would somehow tell her he felt the same way. But she now realized that she had never been in his mind at all. Everything he did or said around her was just a fling for him. Probably she was just a break from boredom; something to keep him occupied before his gorgeous girlfriend arrived. How could she have fallen for that? How could she be so stupid? She went straight home and sat curled up on the sofa, trying very hard not to cry.

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  1. OMG dis is so gud it makes me want more.how come no1 has commented onn dis 1daful piece of writing.I cnt wait 4 d nxt part.God bless ur writing in the name of Jesus Christ.


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